Sexual Harassment and Whistleblowers Case Finally Settles After 14 Years

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Attorneys Gary Gwilliam and Randall Strauss of Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli & Brewer recently settled a case they were prosecuting for 14 years involving sexual harassment, whistleblowers, bankruptcy, and forced arbitration.

Six women observed misconduct at their mortgage firm, but when they spoke up about it, they were threatened by a sexual predator. The defendant attempted to put the case in forced arbitration and then appeal the verdict. Six years into the case, it was halted because the defendant went bankrupt.

With Mr. Gwilliam and Mr. Strauss’s dedication and 14-year investment of time and money, they were able to get justice for these women.

Mr. Gwilliam said of the case, “These women are all [whistleblowers], and basically they’re survivors. They persisted, and to fight with this case for 14 years and hang in there, they’re the real heroines of this case. Randy and I worked hard on it, but they did great work.”

Michael J. Swanson, Advocate Capital, Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, recently interviewed Mr. Gwilliam and Mr. Strauss about the case. You can watch this interview below. You can also click here to listen to the full-length interview on Episode 4 of The How David Beats Goliath Podcast: Sexual Harassment and Whistleblowers Case Finally Settles After 14 Years.

Advocate Capital is proud to have over 500 plaintiff law firm clients nationwide like Gary Gwilliam and Randall Strauss who make a positive impact on their clients and their communities.

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