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Know Your Credit Score

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Copyright: <a href=''> / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Do you know what your credit score is? You should!

Set a tickler in your calendar to remind yourself to check your credit score at least once a year. Free services like are available to make it quick, easy and free.

You don’t want to wait until it’s time to apply for a loan or a lease to do this. You may find that your score has dropped due to an error at a reporting agency or by your bookkeeper. That lower score could result in costly delays or higher rates of interest paid. It could even result in your application being rejected since many banks have been steadily raising their minimum credit-score requirements over the past few years.

You can learn more about this and other law firm finance topics in my book, How David Beats Goliath – Access to Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms.

The above material is excerpted from How David Beats Goliath – Access to Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms and is subject to copyright protection © by Michael J. Swanson, all rights reserved.


Photo Credit: 123RF Stock Photo

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