About The Book

About The Book

How David Beats Goliath: Access to Capital for Contingent-Fee Law Firms

…addresses a little-known but critical flaw in America’s system of justice. Average citizens who have been injured or wronged through negligence or malfeasance are guaranteed their day in court. In practice, however, this bedrock legal right is often compromised.  Industry veteran Michael J. Swanson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Advocate Capital, Inc., has written a definitive, common-sense book that explains how contingent-fee funding works, who provides it, what it costs, and how law firms can acquire and use it efficiently.

Seventh Amendment Fund

AAJ's Seventh Amendment FundAll profits from the sale of How David Beats Goliath® will be donated to the American Association for Justice 7th Amendment Fund.  The Seventh Amendment Fund provides AAJ with the resources necessary to protect the civil justice system and every American’s right to a trial by jury.

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About the Author

Michael J. SwansonMr. Swanson has been a senior level executive in the law firm finance industry since 2000, when he became co-owner, Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Credit Committee of Advocate Capital, Inc.. His daily role at Advocate covers a wide range of activities including sales management, strategic planning, credit underwriting, marketing, public relations and advertising. His experience at Advocate has given him an intimate knowledge of the law firm finance industry. When you spend a dozen or so years reading the tax returns and financial statements of law firms every day, you can’t help but learn a few things!

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