The How David Beats Goliath Podcast®

In this trial lawyer focused podcast, Michael J. Swanson, the author of “How David Beats Goliath: Access to Capital for Contingent—Fee Law Firms” and the CEO and President of Advocate Capital, Inc., discusses Cases That Made a Difference™ with America’s brightest trial attorneys. Mr. Swanson also dives into topics ranging from law firm marketing to retirement planning with industry leading legal professionals.

Episode 1

Maximize the Value of Your Case with Patrick Cruise


Episode 10

Framing Your Case for Today’s Jurors with Phillip Miller


Episode 11

Settlement ‘Tax Traps’ & Misconceptions for Plaintiff Law Firms, with Jason Lazarus


Episode 12

How to Use Video and Social Media To Build a Client-Centered Practice with Mitch Jackson


Episode 15

Cases That Made a Difference™ The Importance of Consumer Rights in Bankruptcy Litigation with Mike Kazerouni


Episode 2

7 Important Steps to Improving IT Security at Your Law Firm with Don Baham


Episode 3

Proper Accounting of Case Expenses for Tax Purposes with Rob Wood


Episode 4

Sexual Harassment and Whistleblowers Case Finally Settles After 14 Years


Episode 5

Cases That Made a Difference™ on 911 calls with Scott Carlile


Episode 6

The Importance of Sharing Knowledge with other Lawyers with Sean Claggett


Episode 7

Law Firm Marketing with the Simon Law Group


Episode 8

Cases That Made a Difference™ on “Dr. Death” with Attorney Kay Van Wey


Episode 9

5 Things to Know About Planning for Retirement with Jeff East


EPN Interview: Mandatory Arbitration with Michael J. Swanson

EPN Interview: 7th Amendment Advocate Michael J. Swanson

Michael J. Swanson ePodcast Network Interview

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